Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Allstate Vacation

Thanks to MC's hardwork this past year, we were given the opportunity to head down to Florida on Allstate's dime.  We had such a great trip.  We stayed at the very modern and hip hotel "The W" in South Beach.  We were treated to a lovely night out where we were entertained by the likes of Gloria Estifan and the Miami Sound Machine, Cirque du Soliel AND Lionel Richie...and that was all in one night!  The next night we were treated to a lovely dinner cruise that not even the rain could put a damper on...especially when we found a few fun Vegas agents to go out to Ocean Drive with...and even though I felt like a old lady for not being dressing in the shortest hot pink dress anyone could imagine, I managed to have a great time...thank you Patron 1800.

Our time away from Allstate functions included bike rides all the way to South Point, shopping on Lincoln, dining in Little Havana, driving down through the Keys, hanging at the super posh W pool, and gossiping with other agents about celebrity hotel guest sightings that included Mark Whalberg, and some other sports guys that I can't remember because you lost me at Mark Whalberg.

It's been about 3 years since MC and I were able to escape reality for a little while, so even though this was mixed with a bit of work, it was so nice to get away, but even better to come home to our little boy who was so excited to see us.

A few good shots from our trip are posted below for your viewing no particular order.

Night Club Bottle Service Prices. Dumb.

The Drive down though the Keys.

Bahia Hondo State Park Beach.

Amazing Dinner Spot. Sundowners at Sunset.

Orchids grow on the trees here. Its amazing.

The view from our room.


We had lots of cloudy days, but they made for good sunsets.

Partying at Mangos

Self Portrait at Bahia Hondo

Love the Art Deco Vibe of Miami

Downtown Miami view from Dinner Cruise

Ahi Tuna Nachos...Delish

Little Havana at A La Folie. 
I seriously felt like we were at a cafe in Paris. Crepes, Pate, Petite Creme...Fantastique!

Vending Machine Bikes...the best way to get around South Beach!

Low Rider

Little Havana Street

They forgot about his sandwich

This guy...right here...Love.

The water is shallow and warm for 100's of feet. 
Yes, it's as awesome as it looks.

Coming home to this guy...Priceless

"My Mama, happy now!"


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