Saturday, September 29, 2012

Win Some. Lose A Lot.

Last weekend I screwed up. BIG TIME.  In attempt to organize the last 2 years of pictures and videos that have been sitting on our computer (and nagging at my OCD nature), I LOST just about everything from January 1st, 2011 on.  In the fine words of Steve Martin in The Jerk circa 1979, "I'm a jerk."

I took our computer immediately to a super tech-savy friend who was able to recover 300 files...300 of thousands.  This morning was the first opportunity that I could stomach to sit down to assess the damage.  Its pretty bad.  We were only able to recover Jan and Feb of 2011, everything else is long gone.  Kellans First Steps video is the one that literally is ripping my heart out.  I've sobbed over this mistake mulitple times now, and if I learned anything, its don't wait two years to back-up precious memories.  I vow to stay on top of it from here on out. 

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